In China a red envelope or red packet ( known as Hong Bao in Mandarin, Ang Pao in Hokkien and Lai See in Cantonese) is a gift of money which is given on special occasions.

Chinese children receive money in these special red envelopes during Chinese New Year celebrations.

The red colour of the envelope symbolizes good luck.

Red envelopes are also given at weddings and birthdays and other special occasions.

The amount of money contained in the envelope is usually an even number, because odd numbers are considered to be unlucky.

Click here to download a template for your own lucky money packet

You will need

*A piece of red card (about A4 sized)
*Crayons and glitter glue for decoration



Print the template onto the red card.

Follow the instructions on the sheet to make your lucky money packet.

Decorate the packet using red and gold as these are lucky colours in China.

Ask an adult to help when using scissors!


You can use pretend money to put into the packet, but make sure it's an even number.

Give your packet as a gift of good luck to a loved one on Chinese New Year,



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