The Nativity is the word people use to describe the story of the birth of Jesus.

To make this nativity scene, download the pictures by clicking the buttons below. You can either download it in black and white and colour it in yourself or you can download the coloured version so all you have to do is cut out and assemble the pieces.

Some of the parts are quite tricky and require the use of scissors, so you will need to ask an adult to help you.

Step 1.

If you are colouring your own pictures then it's best to colour them all before you start.

Carefully cut around the figure templates. Where the character is wearing a head dress, cut down the dotted lines on both sides of the head, being carefull not to cut all the way.

Curve the figures around to make a cone shape with the head sticking up at the top. Use sticky tape or glue to fix the tab at the back.

Step 2.

Carefully cut aroung the manger template and fold along the dotted lines.

Fold the template up to make a sort of cube shape, then tape or glue the dotted tabs to fix the manger in place.

Step 3.

Carefully cut aroung the stable template and fold along the dotted lines.

Glue or tape the tabs to make the stable shape, then stick tabs 1 and 2 to the background to make it stand up.

And there you have it, your nativity scene is complete!

Don't forget to ask an adult for help when using scissors.



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